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The automatic bond tester 5600 complements F&K’s die and wire bonders.
The PC controlled moving table allows any number of bonds to be tested automatically from a stored program. Results can be analyzed and output immediately or exported in a number of data base formats for subsequent analysis as desired.
Powerful extended capabilities enable measurements such as force/time or force/distance curves to be made and deliver more data over the quality of the bond tested.






Table travel X, Y, Z Work area 100 x 100 mm optional

Resolution 0,25 μm, repeatability < 2 μm

Theta-axis Resolution 1°, repeatability 1°

Speed All axes programmable from 0.2 to 16 mm/s Test speed from 0.2 to 5mm/s

Measurement heads:

Pull test range 100 cN, (10 N , 30 N), air bearing. Resolution 0.010 cN, 0.05 cN, 0.3 cN, 0.5cN

Shear test range (500 cN), 50 N, 500 N. Touch-Down set-up; Hot-Plug.

Resolution (0.01CN), 0.5cN, 5.0cN

(Optional:Tweezertest 100 cN, 10 N , 50 N, 300N. Resolution 0.01 cN, 0.05 cN, 0.5 cN, 5cN)

Accuracy 0.25 % of total measured value

Calibration Stored in measurement head; temperature compensating


Computer Single-Board PC, 650 MHz Pentium processor, 256 MB RAM, ethernet, USB 4x + 4x frontside,  Monitor TFT flat screen monitor,  Operating system Windows 2000

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Shear tester Delvotec 5600
G2-33 Cleanroom
Bonding and packaging
Delvotec 5600
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