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The EVG620 is a dual-use tool designed for optical double-side lithography and precision alignment from 50 to 150 mm wafer sizes. An ultra soft wedge compensation together with a computer controlled contact force between the mask and wafer ensures that both yield and lifetime are dramatically increased. The system safely handles thick, bowed or small diameter wafers. The EVG620 superior alignment stage design achieves highly accurate alignment and exposure results.


  • High resolution top and bottom side splittfield microscopes.
  • Handling of multiple wafer sizes with quick change-over time.
  • Manual substrate loading.
  • Windows based user interface.
  • Nanoimprint lithography and micro contact printing.
  • Bond alignment.

    Technical Data:


    • Substrate/Wafer parameters: Size:2″, 3″, 100mm, 150mm, Pieces-150x150mm, thickness 0.1-10mm.
    • Mask parameters: Size:max.7″x7″, Thickness <7mm.
    • Exposure: Modes: Proximity, Soft, Hard and Vacuum contact, Resolution: <1µm
      in vacuum contact, </= 2µm in proximity, Wave length: 350 – 450nm, Nanoimprint
      lithography: Optional tools available for UV-Nanoimprint Lithography and micro
      contact printing to achieve sub 100nm features.


Tool name:
Mask Aligner EVG 620
G2-33 Cleanroom
EVG 620
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