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High temperature processing includes a diversity of processes where high temperatures are used. Hence, annealing may be necessary to activate dopants after ion implantation or to alloy contacts after metal deposition, while treatment in a chemically active atmosphere is used to change the surface layer, e.g., by diffusion of dopants and thermal oxidation of a Si surface. Typical use is wet or dry oxidation of 100 or 150mm Si wafers. Gases connected are O2, N2 and H2.
Possible processes:
1) Wet and dry oxidation
2) Diffusion and activation of dopants
3) Contact alloying

Technical Data: Handles 100 and 150mm wafers. Max Temp. 1200ºC. Temp.uniformity +/-2ºC for T≥750ºC

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Oxidation Oven Harmbridge HiTech furnace
G2-33 Cleanroom
Thermal processes
HarmbridgeHitech Furnace
HarmbridgeHitech Furnace
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