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Manual Wet Station for applications where fume and liquid control is required. System is specifically intended to support full wet chemical processing by using only construction materials that are compatible with strong acids, bases and solvents, as appropriate. System is configured to provide virtually all types of chemical processing and rinse process baths, including static or recirculated, ambient or temperature-controlled, open or covered and with the possibility of ultrasonic energy. Additional equipmentinclude hot plates, stirring systems and perforated work areas. Most of the standard MEMS wet chemical etchants are available  including HF and TMAH. It is possible to etch batches, single wafer and pieces of wafer.

Technical Data: Handles up to100mm wafers (batches, single or pieces of wafers).

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Wet Etching AB Plast
G2-33 Cleanroom
Plast AB
Home made
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