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The EVG501 Wafer Bonding System is a highly flexible R&D system that can handle small substrate pieces up to 100 mm wafers. The  tool supports a variety of bonding processes, such as anodic, glass frit, eutectic, diffusion, fusion, solder,and adhesive bonds, as well as other thermal processes, including oxide removal and high temperature bakes under a controlled atmosphere. The system also offers quick re-tooling with a conversion time of less than five minutes, making it ideal for universities and R&D as well as small-volume production applications.Available bonding processes at HiVe:Anodisk:  e.g. Silicon to Glass, Fusion: Silicon to Silicon and SLID: Au-Sn, Cu-Sn.



Technical Data: Substrate thickness range: 200µm – 2,000µm



Clamping ring exclusion zone: 2mm / 4mm (100mm wafers)
Bonding temperature ramp: computer-controlled program
Bonding Temperature: room temperature to 550ºC
Bonding force: 7 kN
Vacuum: 10-3 Torr
Voltage:  0 – 2000 V
Tool name:
Wafer Bonding System EVG 501
G2-33 Cleanroom
Bonding and packaging
Electronic Visions Group (EVG)
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