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The Gold Ball-Bonder Delvotec 5610 from F&K is semi-automatic. It is fully PC controlled and allows any number of bonds and bumps to be programmed. Pre-programmed adjust points are targeted through the camera’s cross hair targeting system and the programmed bonds or bumps are executed automatically. Two operating modes are available: Single bond for repair of various bond samples and making single bonds (manual or automatic) and multi wire for teaching and bonding chips or various bond samples (semi and fully automatic).The 5610 can also be used as Thin Wire Wedge Wedge or Heavy Wire as well as pull-/shear tester by simply replacing the bond head and loading the appropriate software. Set-up time: approx. 5 minutes.



Technical Data:



- Au ball bonding,

- Au and Al thin wire wedge bonding,

- Au and Al ribbon bonding,

- Al wire wedge bonding,

- Cu wire bonding,

- Bonding of isolated wire,

- Heavy ribbon bonding with Al rib,

- Pull and shear tests,

- Peel and tweezer tests.

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Wire Bonder (Ball) Delvotec 5610
G2-33 Cleanroom
Bonding and packaging
Delvotec 5610
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