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Mask Aligner donated from NTNU.

Nearly new (1989) !

The Karl Suss MA 56 is a mask alignment and exposure system which offers unsurpassed, highly economical mass production capabilities for cassette to cassette handling of wafers up to 4″ wafers and 5″ masks, although smaller wafers and chips may be mounted to a 4″ carrier wafer and processed.  The light source is a 350 W mercury arc lamp with 365 nm wavelength.  The vacuum contact mode is available. 
The microscope has dual alignment objectives and split-field viewing.  The mask and microscope have motorized motion in x and y, and they may be moved together or independently over the stationary wafer.
 Possible contact modes:


  • Soft contact


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Mask Aligner - Karl Suss MA56
G2-33 Cleanroom
Karl Suss
MA 56
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