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 NameCategoryTool rateManufacturerModel
View Acoustic material characterisationCharacterizationBOlympus, Panametrics & LeCroy1
View Acoustic Pulse-Echo measurementsCharacterizationBNIPCI-5412, PCI-5122
View AFM XE-200CharacterizationCPark Systems Co.XE-200
View Au sputter VG Microtech SC500Thin film depositionAVG microtechPolaron SC500
View AutoclaveChemical and Biological methodsAPanasonicMLS3751L
View Autoclave, TuttnauerThermal processesATuttnauer5075ELV-D
View Bio-bench 1Work benchA--
View Bio-bench 2Work benchA--
View Bio-bench 3Work benchA--
View Bio-bench 4Work benchA--
View Bio-bench 5Work benchA--
View Bio-bench 6Work benchA--
View Biological Safety Cabinet 2 BIOChemical and Biological methodsAEscoNordicsafe
View Biological Safety Cabinet 3 BIOChemical and Biological methodsAEscoNordicsafe
View Bond pull tester MicropullBonding and packagingAUnitekMicropull
View Centrifuge Eppendorf 5702RChemical and Biological methodsAEppendorf Centrifuge 5702R
View Centrifuge MiniSpin Chemical and Biological methodsAEppendorf AGMiniSpin plus
View CFX Opus 96 Real-Time PCR SystemChemical and Biological methodsABio-RadCFX Opus 96
View Cleaner BioTek ELX50Chemical and Biological methodsABioTekELX50
View Climate Cabinet (Weiss)Thermal processesAWeiss Technik64
View Climate test chamberThermal processesACTSC-40/100
View CNT-reactorThermal processesAIMST LabCNT-reactor
View Consort Multi-parameter analyserChemical and Biological methodsAConsort bvbaC3040
View Critical Point DryerBonding and packagingBTousimisAutomegasamdri-915B
View CryofreezerThermal processesAPanasonicMDF-1156
View Dicing saw DAD3360Other DDISCODAD3360
View Dicing saw Disco DAD-2H/6TSawingBDiscoDAD-2H/6T Semi-Auto Dicing Saw
View Dicing Saw, Disco 321Other DDISCO321
View Dicing saw, Disco DAD 3220SawingDDiscoDAD 3220
View Die Attach Laurier Inc.Bonding and packagingALaurier IncorporatedLaurier Incorporated
View Die Bonder, TPTBonding and packagingBTPTHB70
View Dispencer Chemyx Micro Syringe pump 1Chemical and Biological methodsAChemyxMicro Syringe pump 1
View DRIE Deep Si etcherDry etchingDOxford Instruments Ltd100 Estrelas
View DSC Calorimeter 8500 (SINTEF) CharacterizationAPerkin ElmerDSC 8500
View DSC Calorimeter Perkin Elmer DSC4000CharacterizationAPerkin ElmerDSC 4000
View EdvocyclerChemical and Biological methodsAEdvotechEdvocycler
View Electrochemical Workstation BIO Logic SASChemical and Biological methodsABio-Logic SASVSP-300, SN. 0542
View Electrochemical workstation Zahner IM6Chemical and Biological methodsAZahner IM6IM6
View Electrochemical Workstation Zahner ZenniumCharacterizationAZahnerZennium-XC, sn. 42042
View Electroplating Cu- RenaThin film depositionDRenaEMP 100 F
View Electroplating of Cu and SnThin film depositionBHeimerle + MeulePGG 20
View Elektro PhoresisChemical and Biological methodsAFisher BrandElektro Phoresis unit 1
View Elektro PhoresisChemical and Biological methodsAFisher BrandElektro Phoresis unit 2
View ElipsometerCharacterizationCWollam Co.alpha SE
View Flip-chip bonder FinePlacer Pico (Automatic Force 2-700 N)Bonding and packagingBFineTech GmbH (Germany)FinePlacer Pico
View Flip-chip bonder FinePlacer Pico (Manual Force 1-40 N)Bonding and packagingCFineTech GmbH, GermanyFinePlacer pico
View Freeze-drier Thermal processesALabconcoFreeZone Triad
View FTIRCharacterizationCThermo FischerNicolet iS50
View Fume Hood 1- BiochemistryChemical and Biological methodsAEscoFrontier
View Fume Hood 2 - BiochemistryChemical and Biological methodsAEscoFrontier
View Fume Hood 3 - BiochemistryChemical and Biological methodsAEscoFrontier
View Fume Hood 4 for General SolventsLithographyAEscoFrontier
View Fume Hood 5 for corrosive chemicalsLithographyAEscoFrontier
View Fume Hood 6-Wet process benchesAEsco Frontier
View Fume hood 7 - CorrosiveLithographyAKebo LabDFL12P
View Fumehood nr 8 for Gold etchingChemical and Biological methodsAKebo LabGold etching
View Gas chromatograph,ShimadzuCharacterizationAShimadzuTracera GC-2010 Plus
View Gas Cromatograph, ThermoFisherCharacterizationE Thermofisher ScientificTrace 1300, SN: 72110233
View GloveboxOther AMBraunEasyLab
View Grinding Struers Knuth rotorSample PreparationAStruersKnuth Rotor
View Hall InstrumentCharacterizationCEast ChangingCME-12, Sn. C17120024
View He- Leak DetectorCharacterizationAPfeifferASM 340, PN 121762
View HF/BOE etcherChemical and Biological methodsEOsiris Chemixx E 30
View High temperature furnaceThermal processesANaberthermLHT 02/17
View Impedance measurementCharacterizationAR&SZVL3
View Incubator Binder CB150Chemical and Biological methodsABinderCB150
View Incubator LabnetChemical and Biological methodsALabnetMiniIncubator
View Incubator, Orbital shakerChemical and Biological methodsABioSanES-20/60
View Interferometer Wyko NT9100CharacterizationBWykoNT9100
View ION MILLING IM4000 Sample PreparationCHITACHIIM4000
View IR-Camera Pixelink PL-B74EFBonding and packagingAPixelinkPL-B741EF
View Laminar flow bench 1 BIOChemical and Biological methodsAClean AirBSC
View Laminar flow bench 4 Metal fingerThin film depositionAEscoNordicsafe
View Laser Cutting MachineOther AFeiljiaH4030
View Laser Welder, ElettrolaserOther AElettrolaser Orion LZR, sn LZR1211
View Laser Vibrometer Lyncee interferometerCharacterizationDLyncee tecDHM-R2104
View Mask Aligner - Karl Suss MA56 LithographyAKarl SussMA 56
View Mask Aligner EVG 620LithographyBEVGEVG 620
View Maskless alignerLithographyB4PicoPicomaster 150
View MTI Vacuum ovenThermal processesAMTIDZF-6060
View Optical LabOther AIMSTLatest
View Optical Microscope I Leica DM4000MCharacterizationALeica microsystemDM 4000M
View Optical Microscope II Neophot 32CharacterizationBCarl Zeiss JenaNeophot 32
View Optical microscope Leica DM3 XL CharacterizationALeicaDM3 XL
View Optical Microscope Olympus IX51/TH4-200CharacterizationAOlympusIX51/TH4-200
View Optical Microscope Olympus MVX10CharacterizationAOlympusMVX10
View Optical Microscope, Zeiss V12Bonding and packagingBZeissDiscovery V12
View Oven Binder 961Thermal processesABinderModel 9010-0191, SN 06-05292
View Oven Binder 961Thermal processesABinderModel 9010-0191, SN 06-05289
View Oven Binder MB6 Thermal processesABinderMB6
View Oven TermaksThermal processesATermaks ASTS 8024
View Oxidation Oven Harmbridge HiTech furnaceThermal processesAHarmbridgeHitech FurnaceHarmbridgeHitech Furnace
View Plasma Cleaner Addax Thin film depositionAAddax506
View Plasma Cleaner PPSDry etchingBPPSAL18, Sn. 3212/1709
View Point welderOther ASunstoneLinear DC
View Polishing Equipment 1 Struers DP10Sample PreparationAStruersDP10
View Polishing Equipment 2 Struers DP20Sample PreparationAStruersDP20
View Polishing Equipment, Logitech PM5Sample PreparationALogitechPM5
View Polishing Grinding Struers Tegamarin-30Sample PreparationBStruersTegamarin-30
View Polishing MultiPrep system for grinding/polishing AlliedSample PreparationAAlliedMultiPrep system
View Post Cure ChamberThermal processesAEGT ServisCuring oven, Sn. 210/2-2012
View Probe Station PWS Probe IICharacterizationAPWS (Pacific Western System Inc.)Probe II
View Probe station RFCharacterizationAMicromanipulatorMicromanipilator
View Probe Station, Pasific WesternCharacterizationAPasific Western SystemProbe II System
View Probestation Cryo, LakeshoreCharacterizationALakeshoreCPX
View Profilometer Bruker Dektak XTCharacterizationABruker Dektak XT
View Profilometer DEKTAK 150CharacterizationBVeeco Instruments Inc.Dektak 150 Stylus ProfilerScan
View Qubit Chemical and Biological methodsAinvitrogenQubit 4 Flurometer
View Reader 1 Tecan Spectra FluorChemical and Biological methodsATecanSpectra Fluor
View Reader 2 Bio Tek Synergy2Chemical and Biological methodsABioTekSynergy2
View Rinse and dry STI SemitoolLithographyASTI SemitoolSTI Semitool
View SAFTherm 1700°C ovenThermal processesASAFThermSTG-60-17
View SAM 300, PVA TePLACharacterizationCPVA TePLASAM300
View Scanning tank, OndaCharacterizationAOndaAIMS III
View Screen printerOther ASMTECHQuad 100 MV
View SEM Hitachi SU 3500CharacterizationCHitachiSU3500
View SEM Hitachi SU 8230CharacterizationEHitachiSU 8230
View Shaker GFL 3005Other AGFL3005
View Shaker, LDS PA2000Other ALing dynamic systemsPA 2000
View Shear Bond TesterBonding and packagingANordson Dage4000 Plus Mainframe
View Shear tester Delvotec 5600Bonding and packagingAF&KDelvotec 5600
View Spectrofluorometer FS5CharacterizationAEdinbourgh InstrumentsFS5
View Speed Mixer DAC 150 FVZ-KSample prepASynergy Devices LimitedDAC 150 FVZ-K
View Spektrometer Optima 2100CharacterizationAPerkin ElmerOptima 2100 DV
View Spinner 1 Semitool 1LithographyAsemitool1
View Spinner 2 AB Plast Spin 150LithographyAAB Plastspin150
View Spinner PolosLithographyASPSSpin150i
View Spinner, Spin 150iLithographyARK-AHTSpin 150i Bench top
View Sputter AJAThin film depositionDAJA International Inc.ATC 20x20x30
View StepOnePlus real-time PCRChemical and Biological methodsAApplied BiosystemsStepOnePlus
View Temp Chamber Heraeus KendroThermal processesAHeraeusUT6060
View Temp chamber Heraeus KendroThermal processesAHeraeusUT6200
View Temp chamber Lenton 202Thermal processesALenton202
View Temperature Shock chamberThermal processesACTSTSS 70/32, SN. 177321
View Thermal Chamber Heraeus T6200Thermal processesAHeraeusT6200
View Thermal Chamber Thermaks TS4115Thermal processesAThermaksTS4115
View Thermal Chamber, Heraeus WötschThermal processesAHeraeus WötschVMT 07/35
View Thermal Evaporator Moorfield MiniLab T25MThin film depositionCMoorfield AssociatesMiniLab T25M
View Thermoshaker TS-100Thermal processesABioSanTS-100
View Tube furnace 2" (new), For Annealing & CVDThermal processesAMTI Co.GSL-1100X-S, Sno. G117071SU
View Tube Furnace High Temperature 2"Thermal processesAMTI CorporationMSL
View Ultrasonic bath FB15051Bonding and packagingAFisher ScientificFB15051
View Ultrasonic Cleaning BrandsonBonding and packagingABrandson?????
View UV Photospectrometer, ShimadzuChemical and Biological methodsAShimadzuUV-2600
View Vacuum ChamberOther AGeneral purpose-
View Vacuum packerBonding and packagingASousvide SVT-300-CVP
View Vacuum welder, BudatecBonding and packagingABudatecVS160 UG
View Wafer Bonding System EVG 501Bonding and packagingBElectronic Visions Group (EVG)EVG501
View Wet Etching AB PlastLithographyBPlast ABHome made
View Wire Bonder (Ball) Delvotec 5610Bonding and packagingCF&KDelvotec 5610
View Wire bonder Ball - TPT HB100Bonding and packagingCTPTTPT HB100
View Wire bonder TPT HB16 (Ball)Bonding and packagingBTPTHB16, Sn 205
View Wire bonder(wedge), TPT HB12Bonding and packagingCTPT HB12HB12
View Wirebonder (Ball) manual Delvotek5410Bonding and packagingCDelvotek5410
View XRDCharacterizationCThermo FisherEquinox 1000, Sn.1612EQ1000137
View XRFCharacterizationCRigakuSupermini 200
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